Monday, June 04, 2007

36 Hours And Counting, If You Want To Be Specific!

We're almost there - at the final stretch! I'm not excited or anything.

I've packed, repacked and repacked some more. We just have way too much stuff and I've tried to downsize, but I swear we need it all. Every one of us has our own suitcase and I'm not sure if the kids will even be able to pull their own through the airport. We could go with less clothes and do some laundry at the resort, but really - this is suppose to be a vacation, isn't it? We already have 4 suitcases and two carry-ons. I'm fighting the urge to add a 5th suitcase. Bret thought we would be able to fit it all into one suitcase. Is he serious?
I've decided that I won't be bringing the laptop with us after all. Internet connection is an extra $10.95 a night at the resort and honestly I don't think I'll have time to do much with it anyway. So instead of trying to fit a laptop in with our carry-on stuff, I'm just going to go buy a teeny tiny memory card for the digital camera that will take up so much less space. Then we'll be sure to not run out of memory and I'll have hundreds and hundreds of pictures to share with you all when we get back - unless the humdity is unforgiving to my hair, of course. (Ha)
Oh, and we won't be talking about the ugly Crocs I just bought for myself and Ashley that I said I would NEVER buy. But after hearing about how many people wear them to Disney, I have to admit they sure are the most comfy shoes ever. Ok, (sigh) they're growing on me.

I'm sure I'll be running around tomorrow as if I've lost my head or something, so until I get back - see you next week!

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