Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Who's Chair?!

While out shopping with Bret and the kids last night, we came across this chair and little matching table that I just *had* to have. I love to sit out on the deck on a nice sunny day and read or just relax. I didn't need anything expensive or fancy - just comfortable and easy enough to put away if it rains.

However, it may be a little harder than I thought to actually get my chair out the door. Someone had other ideas.

Yes, those darn wires are still hanging there, my picture is crooked and the plant needs watering. Kind of fits in with the patio chair in the living room theme we've got going on here, doesn't it? Ha.
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Teri said...

You got my chair!!!

MamaFlo said...

Oh well, he could be up to mischief instead.

Brandie said...

Haha. I like that. My Father-In-Law refuses to buy a living room set. Instead, he furnishes his living room with a patio set given to him. This man makes a 6-figure income and refuses to buy himself furniture. At least you have a valid reason for having patio furniture in the living room!