Tuesday, June 03, 2008

MVP and Indecision

Summer is in full swing over here. Last night was Ashley's second Softball game and while they did end up losing (thankfully the game didn't count), Ashley was voted MVP by her team. All three times she was up to bat, she had great hits. She had a double, a triple and then a home run! It got pretty exciting because right after Ash hit her home run, her teammate up after her hit a home run, too. You rarely see any home runs in this age group so that made it all that much sweeter! She was very proud of herself!

She somehow managed to turn into a mini grown up over the past few months. I gave in and let her go to the pool at the Y with just her girlfriends yesterday. I was a nervous wreck, calling her cell phone and checking in on her frequently. I'm just not ready to let go yet, but am finding that I don't have much of a choice. She's growing up and I'm so proud of her.

I trust her, but we may have to rejoin the Y so I can keep track of her and what she's doing - instead of just letting her spend the summer there as a guest of her friends. We'll see, because if I do this I'll have to give up my Gold's Gym membership and work out there instead. I love Gold's and their classes, but let's face it - summer is so busy for us that I'm not sure I'll get to the gym on a regular basis. If I transfer my membership to the Y, then I won't feel so guilty when I can't find the time to get there to work out, because we'll still be using the facility for the pool.

I love Gold's though. Their classes are what keeps me going back and they have the best equipment around. Plus we love the other pool that we usually go to - there's more there for Ryan to do. However, that pool is a bit of a drive and gas is at $4 a gallon. Ugh, I can't decide!


maggie said...

Congrats to Ashley!

I'm no help on gyms. The world is my gym (or some such corny saying, but it's become true).

Anonymous said...

You tried that last year and you couldn't wait to get back to Gold's gym. And that other pool is really nice :)

Anonymous said...

P.S. Go Ashley!!!! Proud of you girl!

MamaFlo said...

I envy this time in your life, it's wonderful watching your children grow into sub-adults, girls especially, they mature so much faster than a boy (do you remember?).
Enjoy every moment and do what you need to do to feel content with your life and the one that your children are making for themselves.

Jon & Emily said...

funny...reece was just talking about "coach bret" tonight, and the next thing i know, reece says, "since i'm so big now, i think i need a 4 wheeler like ryan's". just ordered another pair of front tires for his gator (which kate drives daily)! oh the wonderful memories that i miss so much!!! Ashley...YOU ROCK! Em