Thursday, June 19, 2008

Proud Mama Gets 15 Minutes Of Fame

Ryan has one more day of his Lose The Training Wheels bike riding class left tomorrow and he's doing great! Yesterday he graduated to a regular two wheel bike and by the end of today's class, his spotters were barely able to keep up with him.

I'm not sure I could have run along behind him for an hour straight each day - definitely not with this whole wrist injury thing.

Tuesday night we went out and got him a new bike and brought it with to his bike riding class yesterday. He should be able to get on it tomorrow during his last class.

The news media showed up during his session today and talked me into doing an interview on camera. Ryan got plenty of coverage out there while he was riding his bike so we'll see what shows up on the nightly news tonight. There's a chance it could be on their website, too and if I find it, I'll share it so we can all laugh at me together. Ha.

My wrist is still pretty painful and the stupid pain killers make me sleepy and out of it, so I'm limited to when I can take them. I have no idea how this happened. Two weeks ago I started noticing numbness and pain in my right hand. This week it tripled in intensity. Painting Ryan's room probably made it worse, but I was stubborn and determined to get it done before breaking down and going to the doctor. Unfortunately, I can't move my wrist or hand at all now (and typing with one hand is testing my patience) so Ashley's room is going to have to wait. I have a nerve conduction study scheduled for July 10th, but am hoping it will get better on it's own by then if I don't use it. (Ashley had to help me wash my arm in the shower last night and with putting my pants on this morning.)

There must really be a curse out there that gets us every time we schedule a vacation. We're one month out from our St. Pete's Beach vacation. Last year at 6 weeks out from our Disney vacation, I tore 3 tendons in my ankle. Here me now - it didn't stop me from going and having a great time last year and it won't stop me this year, either!


Anonymous said...

Wow, they do amazing work with the kids! Ryan rides that bike like a pro! Can't wait to come there and see him ride his new bike.

Sorry your wrist is still in such pain. Keep resting it (except for the occasional blog update, of course) and hopefully it will feel better soon.

You know, it's never too soon to help your daughter learn how to do laundry if you remember from your own personal experience at her age, LOL.

Brandie said...

Geesh! If it's not one thing, it's another! You seem like me -- too stubborn to go to the doc when you need it, only making the matter worse. The day I wound up in the hospital for my surgery, the pain started while we were on an outing at the botanical gardens. 3.5 hours I walked, pretending I didn't hurt the entire time. By the time I got to the hospital I was told there was a LOT of internal bleeding. So I think from now on I'll attempt to be less stubborn in these things, although I doubt it.

I really hope they can find a solution for your wrist soon! That would drive me insane -- not to mention a slight disability since I do program computers for a living. Ugh. I don't envy you ... keep us posted, k? (but try not to strain your wrist much)

Brandie said...

Oh yes, good luck with the bike class today. Congrats! How'd the news story go?