Monday, June 23, 2008

Pool Day

While Ashley has been to the pool numerous times with her friends, this was the first trip to the pool this summer for Ryan and myself. After swim lessons, we drove over and pulled my niece Brooke out of day care and took her with us to the pool with my friend Teri and her daughter, Skyler. It didn't get very hot outside today, so Teri and I never quite made it into the pool, but the kids didn't seem to mind and had a great time.

Ashley figured out that the secret to staying warm is to stay covered in the water.

Ryan has no fear this summer. His swim lessons are paying off and he's got a lot of confidence in the water now.

Ryan and his cousin, Brooke.

Ryan on one of his many trips up to the water slide.

Now we're off to Ryan's baseball game...


MamaFlo said...

Happy to see you finally made it to the pool. I was disappointed we didn't get to see you in your bikini though :)

lynda w said...

Ha! This body hasn't seen a bikini since it was 2 months pregnant with baby number 1! We're sporting the tankini over here. LoL.