Saturday, June 28, 2008

All Star Weekend

We're more than half way through Ashley's All Star Softball team's weekend tournament. She played two games last night, two more today and the team is currently in first place. She and her team play again tomorrow afternoon. If they win their first game tomorrow, they'll play one final game for the championship!
Ashley and her teammates warm up between games today.

Ashley and one of her best friends.

The heat and sun must have been the cause for this side track during warm ups. Whatever works to keep you motivated.

Ashley's friend almost got rolled over!

Ryan had to be part of the action, too. He was the only boy up there with them.

Kid almost ran me over here.

Rolling, rolling, rolling....

"Umph," says Ashley as she tries to get up while her head is still rolling.

Back to business. Ashley is definately one of the best players on both of her teams this year. (And that's not just a proud mom talking.) She must have gotten it from Bret, because I always dreaded when it was time to play softball during gym class in school.

"Just try to get past me!"

Dunlap All Stars - 2008


Jon & Emily said...

ohmigosh! she is such a string bean. she's already passed me up. if she keeps this pace up, your brother better watch out, too!!!

Jamie said...

Well done, Ashley! All star teams (regardless of the sport) can be an awesome way to amp up your athletic training outside of a school team environment.