Thursday, June 05, 2008

Summer At It's Best

Summer is in full swing and busier than ever over here. From busy mornings of swim lessons and sports camps to evening baseball and softball games, the only other thing left to squeeze into our summer days are lazy afternoons at the pool - which hasn't happened yet due to all of the crazy storms that keep rolling through the midwest. Enough already. Bring me a hot sunny pool day!

Ashley's softball team won again tonight. It was by far the most fun game to watch yet. They were tied in the last inning and only needed to score 1 run to win the game. Ashley was second up to bat with a girl on second. She hit a double and the rest was history! That puts them at 4 wins, 1 loss. (That 1 loss doesn't really count though, because that game didn't count for their conference.)

Ashley's team in royal blue, warming up before the game starts.

Ashley's second to last time up at bat.

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MamaFlo said...

HURRAY for Ashley!!!!
You Go Girl!!

I so miss this from when my kids were young, enjoy every moment Lynda!