Sunday, June 29, 2008

Now What?

This is the life. Sitting outside in the warm sun watching my daughter play countless numbers of softball games all weekend. Nothing else mattered. They played their hearts out, but ultimately came in at second place. It was a bit of a bitter loss as the team that beat us in today's Championship Game was the only other team to beat us over the course of the whole weekend. It may have been the most competitive game we have ever played. I kept jumping out of my seat, screaming at the top of my lungs along with almost every other parent there.

Now that this tournament is over, I'm not sure exactly how to return to normal life.

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Brandie said...

Normal? What's normal?

Glad you had a good time this weekend, regardless of the outcome of the tournament. At least you didn't have to keep stepping off to the side to smoke, staring down the glaring eyes of other parents!

maggie said...

Sounds like much fun, even if they didn't make first. I love watching softball games or even little league. Anything baseball-like, really. :)

Brandie said...

Are you still bored? Or did you figure out something to do? :-)

I posted about Trim Up Tuesday. I need your thoughts please!