Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Diabetic Coma Anyone?

The kids rushed in after school today, excited to decorate the cookies we baked last night. A total of three cans of frosting were used for two dozen cookies. Any bets on what the time the kids will finally fall asleep tonight?
* * * *
Ryan dangles a cookie in front of Chloe. She wants it, but 4 months is a bit too young for cookies. Wait a few months and we'll sneak you a few bites, Chloe.

Ryan couldn't get the frosting to come out of the can so we had to decorate them for him while he instructed us on what to do.

The final product. The kids have each already wolfed down 2 each, already.

And....did anyone see the change in our forecast? 6-12 inches of snow predicted by tomorrow night. Woo-hoo! We could live without the freezing rain tonight, though. Which would be why our family fire drill is being postponed - even if Ashley still wanted to do it in the freezing rain. Sorry, honey. You're on your own with that one.

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