Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Days (Updated)

Monday was the big day as the kids went back to school. Monday and Tuesday were half days and today will be their first full day - as well as my first day at one of the grade schools as a Lunch and Playground Supervisor. The kids took going back to school fine, but I have to admit that I'm a little nervous. I'll be working with 3 other moms and let's face it - moms can be mean! They can be more click-ish than their kids sometimes. I don't know a single person at this school except for the principal who happens to be our neighbor. I do know a handful of the kids that Ryan went to preschool with, but that's about it. Should be interesting.

Ryan waits at the bus stop with his friends on Monday morning.

Onto the bus my baby goes.

And then he's off.

Ashley has been ready for school for awhile now.

Out the door she goes.

And this would be as close to the bus stop as we are allowed to go!

Update: My first day went very well today. It's a bit chaotic and very busy with 5 grades on staggered lunch and recess schedules, but the other moms were all very nice and friendly. I worry too much. :-)


Brandie said...

Awww! Aren't first days of school hard? Each year your child grows one step further away from you.

Moms can be mean. I think women in general can be mean, which would be why I am friends with so few of them. I just don't play the clickish games, and for some reason, that pisses those types off, lol!

So ... good luck! I'm sure you'll get along great.

Mz Diva said...

Thank God it is not the first day of school for us....I have a couple more weeks to go! You kids look excited and happy and I am sure you will have a great time working at the school.

maggie said...

Ryan is adorable, and I totally remember being Ashley's age. Glad the day went well for you, too!