Friday, August 22, 2008

Schedule: Empty

As I went about preparing for my day this morning, I sat down and checked my calendar on my cute little smart phone. Let me just say that I am totally spoiled by this thing! Any moms (or dads for that matter) that have school aged children that are involved in what seems like every activity imaginable shouldn't have to live without one of these things. I'd love to snatch one up for my husband so that I can put my Outlook calendar on it for him. Then he'd never again be able to tell me that I didn't tell him that we had such and such planned tonight.

In fact, after a nightmare drive to a softball game that was an hour away with wrong directions on Wednesday night took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to get there -only to have the game end 5 minutes after I arrived - I decided to copy the directions from the school website for each away game left and put them on my phone. It was super convenient and I made it to yesterday's game that was 1 hour and 15 minutes away right on time - only to have the game called for lightning in the 4th inning! It's OK though - we were looking at a brutal loss.

So, now that I've gotten completely sidetracked (are you still there?) I'll come back to where I meant to go in the first place. I checked my phone this morning and was excited to find that other than working at school for 2 hours, my schedule is completely empty today! As soon as I get home from supervising 5 grade levels of recess, I'm going to finally be able to get something done around here. I'm so excited!


Mz Diva said...

How do you like working at a school? I hope you are enjoying being the "yard lady" as my students used to call the teacher's assistants here in Cali! I start back after labor day weekend. As for getting lost, the navigation system I rented with the car has been worth its weight in gold! I want one! I weigh in tomorrow so I am hoping that I do well.

maggie said...

Free time really is such a nice thing. I have it in abundance, and I wonder how people get by with so little. Hope you enjoyed it!