Saturday, August 16, 2008


Every once in awhile one of my kids' games will pull me in, leaving me with no choice but to step it up and kick their butts in it. This happened last night with their Wii Mario Kart game. Everyone was gone and I was home alone -a rare occurrence that I savored every moment of - so I took advantage and gave it a go.

We had bought the game awhile back for Ashley when she had to have 4 teeth pulled to make room for the adult teeth that were coming through (that's 8 shots!). I had been wanting to try it out myself and finally made the time for it last night.

I tried my hardest and even got some pointers from Ashley. I've even practiced a lot today and think that I'm now ready to take on my 3 year old nephew! It's his absolute most favorite game on the Wii.

Can you believe that they actually gave me a driver's license? We won't talk about what an hour or two of playing Mario Kart does to your real driving skills when you immediately get behind the wheel after playing.

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