Sunday, August 24, 2008

Family Day

It turned out to be a gorgeous day today, so we took the kids to a Peoria Chief's baseball game this afternoon. The Chief's are a Minor League team owned by the Chicago Cubs, are managed by Ryne Sandberg and located right here in Peoria.

Still has a big gaping hole in his mouth!

There's Ryne Sandberg.

Ryan was fascinated by the mascot.

After the game (sadly, the Chief's lost) we went out for dinner and then stopped at a nearby park. We walked down to the little lake and fed the fish some bread and then let the kids play on the playground.

Almost home.


maggie said...

Yay for fun times! Aw, Ryno!! If you only knew how much my mother loved Ryno.

Brandie said...

Wow, what a fun day!

Ugh, you think Ryan is bad, Amber has no upper front teeth at all -- one HUGE gaping hole.

You always have such delightful adventures and outings to share with us!

MamaFlo said...

I see Dad isn't so good at following rules :)