Sunday, July 01, 2007

What's Wrong With Kids These Days?

I'll tell you what's wrong with them. Lack of respect. Here's the quote of the day:

I'm cleaning my house today, because it's Sunday and everyone knows that I'm kind of a freak about cleaning my house from top to bottom once a week, with my ipod on and Fergie's new song Glamorous is blaring from inside the ear buds and out of my mouth when my son comes up to me with his hands over his ears and says, "Mom, can you turn it down!" I'm not that bad!

Okay, so I've got two quotes for you today. Friday night as I'm bringing Ryan over to spend the night at Brooke's house, I make a quick stop at where Ashley's spending the night because she forgot her pillow, when Ryan asks why were not going in the direction on Brooke's house. I tell him that I have to drop off Ashley's pillow and that it'll just take a minute and then we'll be on our way. He says, "Aww, your minutes take to long!"

It's a wonder how I've managed to stay sane all this time.


Vicki said...

Haha, I do believe your "minute" does take longer. Kind of like your Aunt Lori's "5 minutes". That always means half an hour!

It's pretty bad though when your kids think your music is too loud.

lynda w said...

It wasn't my music - it was my singing...LoL

Vicki said...

That was how it was with your Aunt too. Her kids said "mommy, no songing". She must have rubbed off on her Godchild.