Thursday, July 26, 2007


For the past few months, Bret and I have been discussing the need for a new Laptop computer. Okay, it's been more like I've been begging and pleading and Bret's been trying to keep the check book closed, but still I was afraid that the older second hand laptop was on it's way to lappy heaven and I'd lose all of the pictures from this summer that were on it when it did.

We finally found a Gateway that we could both agree on at Best Buy, but it was out of stock in the store. They did have it available online last night, but then I nearly broke down and cried when I went to order it this morning and they were all sold out!

I did manage to find a Toshiba that had the same specs and ran out as soon as I could fit it into my busy 3 kid day to buy it. As soon as I got home and later got Chloe down for her afternoon nap, I sat down to try and figure the thing out. That's when everything went downhill fast and I nearly lost my mind.

We already had the other computers set up on a wireless network so I figured (in my computer genius mind) that all I had to do was log onto the network and poof, it'd be all ready to go. Not so much. I spent the next 2 and a half hours trying to set up the network. I was ready to give up and throw the thing back at the salesman when my mom called and asked if I was sure I had the right password to the network. Like I'm that dumb. Yeah, I had the password all wrong for over 2 hours. I put in the password that she insisted was correct and low and behold my new toy sprung to life. Figures. (Have I told you how thankful I am yet, Mom?)

So I got to work and started to prepare to transfer all of the pictures from the old laptop over the network when all of a sudden the thing died. It made a sad noise, shut itself off and died. Did I mention it DIED? (Taking a deep breath...) I lost all of my pictures from July. My cute son playing T-Ball for the first time ever, my growing up too fast daughter's softball game pictures, my temporary loss of insanity over at the trampoline pictures, and many more. It makes me sick to my stomach. Thankfully I have this blog. I've posted my favorites here and can at least copy those onto the new laptop.

It's ironic and sad, isn't it? We replaced the old laptop because we were afraid something like this would happen and just as I'm trying to transfer everything to the new one, I lose it all forever.

I do love my new computer though. This thing is sweet! Did you know that you can post to your blog with your pictures easily with the push of one button through Picassa? It's great!

But let's go over my user error mistakes. A half hour of trying to figure out how to connect the internet and finally realized that there was a wi-fi switch on the front of the computer. Next, another two hours of frustration because I had the wrong password for the network. And then finally realizing that the printer wasn't working because the wire wasn't plugged in. Yep. Aha.

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Anonymous said...

You're welcome! Now if you would have just heard me say the correct password when I first told you 2 hours before, geesh!

Oh, and you're right, it's sweet!

Love, Mom