Monday, July 23, 2007

"It's Fun To Stay At The YMCA!"

So, in an effort to motivate myself into getting back into the gym (yeah, I know!), I froze my membership at Gold's Gym and joined the YMCA, formally known as the Willow Knolls Country Club. I've been eyeing that olympic size pool for quite some time now and really want to get back into swimming laps again. I was on the swim team in high school and there's nothing like a good long distance swim. (At my age now it's probably going to be more like a long distance I've been really tired of how crowded Gold's has been lately and can't get my kids to go there anymore. For less than $15 bucks a month difference from what I was paying for Gold's, the kids can be added on to my membership and we have unlimited use of the huge outdoor pool. Plus the Y has so much more available for kids.

Anyway, I dragged Teri and her kids out of bed this morning and gave them a tour of the place and then waited while they signed up. (Got to bring someone else in on the torture, you know.) The plan was to let the kids play in the game area while we did the water aerobics class, then grab them and eat lunch and swim for a little while. Only the schedule on the internet was wrong and the class is only on Tuesday's and Thursday's. So instead, I talked Teri into swimming laps. Ha. (Someone help if Scott is reading this since he may have just passed out.)

While waiting for the lifeguards to set up the lane lines, I walked over to a couple of older ladies that were waiting to get in as well to see if they had lane line preferences. Let me tell you, they were quite territorial! They each stated what lane they were going to use and didn't seem too welcoming. And did I mention yet that it's an olympic size pool? I highly doubt we were going to get in their way. And that olympic size pool? Gulp. It's a really long distance. I know Teri was already getting nervous about it, but I was still pretty determined. So I go to put on my goggles and they broke. A sign, you ask? Most definately since at that moment we decided to high tail it out of there. But don't you worry! Tomorrow I'm going back with my cute little flippers and I'm going to leave those old ladies behind in my wake!

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