Monday, July 30, 2007

Can I Have Your Attention, Please?

Yesterday was Skyler's birthday, so we all headed over to Splashdown for a day of fun in the sun. Upon entering the park, I myself felt a magentic force pulling me straight to the lazy river. First, however I let Bret go off and hit the big water slide with everyone else while I stayed behind to watch Ryan play in the big water tree house area - but not before complaining about how many parents send their little kids off to play and go off and find a chair to sunbathe with their eyes closed or read a book.

So I've been sitting in a chair where I have a good view of the whole structure and can watch him play when it's been about 5 minutes and I've lost site of him. The treehouse is huge and it's really hard to find your kids in there because they're all over the place.

A life guard comes onto the intercom and says, "Can I have your attention, please?"


"We have a lost little boy here at the life guard station."

Aww, poor kid. Really. Why can't parents keep an eye on their kids!?

"He's 6 years old."

Nope, not mine.

"His name is Ryan."

Nooooooo, it can't be. Ryan's a pretty common name, isn't it?

"He's looking for his mom, Lynda."


I turn my head and look over across the water park beyond the big pool and see my son sitting in the lifeguard's chair, crying his eyes out. There's kharma for you.

Thankfully he still had a good time and wasn't too traumatized.

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