Saturday, July 14, 2007

Balloons Stayed On The Prairie

Well, our "balloon party" last night ended up being just a "hang out with the neighbors in the backyard and run around to the front of the house every now and then to look for the balloons" party. This weekend is Balloons on the Prarie, where hot air balloons are launched and rides can be purchased not far from our neighborhood.

For some reason, the balloons never left the field yesterday. What a bummer. You could see a couple of them from our front yard and we did get to see a pretty awesome fireworks show from our driveway, so that was something at least. The party was a lot of fun, nothing out of control, just a bunch of friends having some drinks and their kids all playing together.

Tonight, we've decided we're going to head out there in person so the kids can see it all up close. Maybe if the lines aren't too long, we'll go up for a ride and experience it for ourselves. That'll be when they actually leave the field, though - right when we pay for our car load to get in- LoL. Might as well stay there for the fireworks, too.


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