Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Time For A Change

I finally figured out how to work blogger's custom template and changed it all up. I love the picture of Ryan at the top chilling out under the stream of water at the pool, but the poor kid really needs to start eating more. I'm waiting for someone to look at the picture and tell me to give the poor kid some food. He eats all day long, but keeps growing at such a fast rate that it doesn't have time to stick to him. If only we all had that problem!

The family reunion on Sunday was a blast! The weather was extremely HOT and we swam in the pool all day. The kids and I got a lot of sun and are much darker than we were before we left. And then there was a certain other person who didn't listen when I told her she better get some sunscreen on and you can bet she's paying for it now! How's that sunburn feeling, Mom? (Ha!)

On Monday, the plan was to head home to Peoria around lunchtime, but Ashley did us a huge favor and left her swimsuit there, so we had to head back over to Indiana and swim for a couple more hours with our cousins. Darn. Now they'll probably double check our bags for us before we leave next year. LoL. We left Chicago around 4pm and made it back to Peoria at 6:30pm, just 15 minutes before Ashley had to leave for her softball game. Whew!

Her team was playing a great game when it was called due to some wicked lightning and thunder. The score was 8 to 1 so I guess that's a win for us.

Well, I guess I should go make use of the time while both babies are sleeping and get this house back in order. Maybe my mom will email me some of the pictures from the reunion for me to post later.


Vicki said...

Love the new color and style of the blog!

Yes, your mom is VERY sore today! Even more so than yesterday. One doctor where I work who shall remain nameless told me I look like a lobster! Thanks doc!

I will get those pics to you asap.


Jamie said...

LOVE the redesign! Very mellow and fresh looking.

lynda w said...

Thanks! :-)