Friday, July 06, 2007

It's All Too Real Now

Em and her family move next week. I've been doing okay with it so far, trying not to think about it too much, until this morning when she brought over all of my stuff that's accumulated over there over the past 3 years. I never knew Rubbermaid container lids, a plastic lid to a baking pan and an old cassette tape with God knows what taped on it (from prehistoric before DVR ages) could bring me to tears. It's all too real. Next week, they'll be moving on to the Quad Cities for 18 months for Jon's new position at State Farm. I really do wish them the best, but we're going to miss them so much!

It's going to be very strange without them right in our backyard. What's Bret going to do without being able to shovel a path from our deck to theirs this winter? Maybe whoever buys the house won't mind if we still make a path for the kids from our yard to the cul-de-sac the next time we get 12 inches of snow?

What will Ryan and his 4-wheeler do without Reece and his gator?

Who's going to host the impromptu backyard neighborhood parties? Um, us I guess.

We've had some good times over the past three years. Hope they don't get sick of us visiting!

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