Thursday, August 02, 2007

Our New Summer Hang Out

Here's the new pool that we and Teri and her kids have taken up residence at this summer. We have yet to do any kind of work out in the fitness area yet, but that will come eventually once the kids are back in school. (The one time that Ashley kicked my butt on the eliptical machine doesn't count, right?) The pool is huge and now that it's gotten hot outside again, the water has been much warmer this week. Another added bonus is that our neighborhood friend, Becky and her kids have also joined so now the kids have two more friends that they can play there with.

Can you find Ryan? (Click on picture to enlarge.)

Note the kid behind Ryan that followed him around all afternoon, trying to steal his innertube and noodles. Punk. Doesn't anyone watch their kids anymore?

Ashley usually isn't around much for a picture. She's all over the place once we get there with her friends.

Quentin, Ryan, Ashley & Skyler.

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skeeling6 said...

Looks so refreshing to me. Glad the kids are enjoying for me.