Tuesday, January 16, 2007

May The Force Be With You

So much for crippling winter weather - even if it knocks your electricity out for over 12 hours. This huge ice and/or snow storm was predicted for Peoria over the weekend and while we did get some icy conditions and about an inch of snow, it wasn't nearly as bad as they were warning. At 11:30pm on Sunday night, our power went out (yes, again!) and didn't come back on until after noon on Monday. It was pretty darn cold in here when we woke up Monday morning. Why can't the power ever go out when it's in the 60's or 70's outside? It's always in the 90's or bitter cold.

Everyone was suppose to go back to work and school today, but then Ashley woke up this morning with a really bad cold and stayed home from school. Bret stayed home to help out since I had both babies here today. She's feeling some better even if her nose doesn't seem to be working yet.

So, anyway. Ryan has a new fixation. After spending some time over at Teri's house over the weekend in her husband's Lego room, he now is very much into Star Wars. (Just when I thought he already had any toy out there by now). He kept Bret from leaving his room at bedtime last night because he wanted to "talk about Star Wars". This morning when we woke him up, he picked up the conversation right where they had left off last night. (Think maybe he was dreaming about it all night?) When he got home from school today, he and Bret plopped down on the couch for a Star Wars movie marathon. From the time he got home from school until 7pm tonight, he managed to get the first two of the older movies in. He now hates Darth Vader with a passion and says that he's a "poop head" for cutting Luke Skywalker's hand off". Guess what they'll be doing tomorrow night?

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