Saturday, January 13, 2007

Common Sense

They are saying we're going to get hit again. The weather maps are all predicting a horrible storm of ice and snow. Snow I can do. Ice? Forget it. We woke up this morning with about a quarter of an inch of ice, but it doesn't seem so bad yet. We'll see. So, what is on my agenda for today? Cleaning my carpets. Right before a winter storm. Makes sense, right?

Update: My carpets are now clean and I'm moving on to my kitchen floor. (And thinking that a cleaning lady would really be nice about now!) I've been watching the weather channel (Yes, I'm a weather channel junkie.) and it looks like the meteorologists just might be 2 for 2 this winter. Most of it looks to be coming tomorrow, which works for me since Bret and the kids are already off on Monday. But what, you ask? Lord, please let there be school on Tuesday. While I can most certainly do it, being home with four kids all day might just put me through the ringer and into a mental facility .

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