Monday, January 01, 2007

Hapy New Year!!!

Last night we joined the rest of our friends out here in our neighborhood for a progressive New Year's Eve party. Starting at 7pm, we arrived to our first party where jello shots were flowing freely. (A bit too freely!) We watched the Chicago Bears get their butts kicked and then headed over to another party where our bartender was mixing all kinds of homemade shots that most of us stayed away from. By midnight Ryan was half past tired and I had to bring him home. I'm amazed that he lasted that long. He wants to know if he gets to stay up "really, really, really late" again tonight. (He was up by 7am this morning, so I think not). Bret and Ashley stayed at the party across the street for another hour or so and then headed on home. Can you believe that my ten year old daughter outlasted me last night? However, it's 11:30am right now and she's still in bed.

Chloe comes back tomorrow after being gone over the holidays. It's been about three weeks since I've gotten to love on her on a regular basis. Cecelia starts full time on Wednesday and I'm looking forward to bonding with her, too. The kids go back to school on Wednesday and normalcy will reign. (When did 4 and 5 month babies become my norm?)

Guess I should go clean and get ready for the babies to come back. All of the baby stuff is being stored in the bedroom downstairs and it's time to get this house clean and bring it all back up.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

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Grammy said...

Happy New Year my dear! Normalcy begins again tomorrow for me with work.