Saturday, January 06, 2007

It's All Oprah's Fault

Bret had quite a long night last night. With a guilty conscience, I do have to admit that I slept really well in the guest room downstairs - away from any germs. Bret was pretty much in quarantine all night in our bedroom. (Once again, I am deathly afraid of throwing up!) He woke up this morning feeling a lot better. I spent most of the day disinfecting my house - I dare anyone to try to find even the smallest of germs over here!) However, I have to admit that I did probably go a little overboard. I had seen an episode on Oprah a couple of days ago on germs and dust mites and figured this was as good of an opportunity as any to take them down. After hauling our king size comfortor over to my inlaw's house for a washing in their huge capacity washer and dryer, I dusted every inch of our bedroom (ceiling fan, included) and even vacuumed both sides of our mattress and sprayed our pillows and the rest of the room with lysol. You know, just in case I had missed a germ or two. Let's just say it took our bedroom a couple of hours to air out before we could breathe in there again. Tomorrow I'll be going into the kids' rooms armed with my swiffer duster and vacuum cleaner.

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