Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Proud Mama

Any parent will understand my need to brag and show off my son's school work! Especially when it has not come easy for him and he's had to work so hard at it.

Today his class had to write down the names of ten animals and try to spell them out by themselves and he did such a great job! I remember back when Ashley was learning how to read and spell and she would bring home work that looked like this. Isn't it the cutest thing when they spell the words the way they hear them?

Can you guess what makes me the most excited about this? He CAN hear them! We've questioned from the start of school as to whether or not he's hearing all of his consonant sounds because he's really struggled sounding out words every night. Unfortunately, his degree of hearing loss keeps him from hearing many of those consonant sounds. With his hearing aids and the microphone that his teacher wears, we can now start letting ourselves believe that he may actually be able to hear them.

Now, lets just hope his spelling test goes well this Friday. Way to go, Ryan!

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