Friday, September 07, 2007

Recap Of A Busy Week

  • Ashley's biopsy came back normal. What a relief. We'll hear the final results when her doctor comes back from vacation on Monday or Tuesday next week.
  • Next Wednesday, I'll be watching a newborn baby boy two mornings a week. A friend of mine that also does daycare passed my name along to a lady that I use to work with on the PTO board at Ashley's old school. I'm so excited, because boy!
  • Gold's Gym came to see the error of their ways and Chloe and I are now being welcomed back into the daycare there. The owner got my letter on Wednesday and called me immediately to apologize and to let me know that supposedly the ladies in the daycare must have misunderstood the new guidelines. However, according to one of those ladies, they must be making an acception for me, because they were told otherwise. I guess I made a really good case. Regardless, I am thrilled with the outcome and took my week's aggressions out on the eliptical machine this morning.
  • Ryan is really excited because Emily and the kids (our neighbor's that recently moved) are coming over after dinner tonight to visit. I finally get my drinking buddy back for a night. So, I guess that makes me excited, too.

Have a great weekend, everyone! (Ha - All, what, three of you that ready this little 'ol blog?)

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Vicki said...

You never know how many lurkers you have....I bet many!!!