Monday, September 24, 2007

Seriously In Need Of Getting It Together Here

This morning started out to be just like any other Monday morning. You know, dragging yourself out of bed, getting the kids up, dressed, fed, etc for school. By 8:30am, Chloe was in her high chair chowing down on her eggs and sausage when the dog perked up and started barking at some noise she heard. I thought to myself, "No. Couldn't be." Then I looked down and remembered that I hadn't gotten dressed yet. I was still in my shorts and tank top with no bra, no makeup and my hair wildly escaping it's pathetic attempt at a ponytail. (I don't rush to get up and pretty myself up for Chloe's mom - she's a good friend and has seen me at my worst already anyway.) And I thought, "Oh, Lord!" It was. Luke's mom was here to drop him off. I wasn't expecting them until 9:30am. Somewhere we must have gotten our wires crossed. I have never been so embarassed in my life. Okay, that's probably not quite true. Oversleeping and running to the door in my tank top and underwear at 6:30am to find that it was Dan and not my (another good) friend Kelly dropping Cecelia off that morning a few months ago was definately more embarassing.

(Side note:) Luckily I caught myself that morning before opening the door. Just cracked the door and said, I'm going to run back and get dressed. Go ahead and come in after I close the door. (I know how your minds work so I figured I'd clear that one up.)


Teri said...

I'm wondering where the pictures are??? You seem to take and show all the rest.......... Just a hint....... [or idea it would help us picture what you looked like]. =-)

lynda w said...

Not on your life!