Thursday, September 27, 2007

Chuck E Nightmare

Last night was the dine out fundraiser for Ryan's school at Chuck E Cheese. I have nightmares about this place. Nightmares of germs and unsupervised little hoodlums attacking my kids. It's not pretty. However, last night wasn't too bad. It was all kids from Ryan's school and he had a great time. He flew through his tokens, though and was lucky to have a big sister who knows how to share. My problem with this whole thing is that I spent $40 on pizza, drinks and tokens and only 15% goes back to the school. So that's what? $6? Seems to me that I should have just written the school a check for $40 and saved myself from the nightmare of that place. But then my kids wouldn't have had that care free two hours with their friends where they didn't have to worry about homework and all the other school night stresses, so I guess I'm the one that came out ahead. You can bet their behinds were sent straight to the tub to wash off all the germs when we got home, though.

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Jamie said...

Holy mother of God in heaven, I hate Chuck E. Cheese. I hate that place. I hate it.