Saturday, September 22, 2007

Birthday Bash

This afternoon we headed out to meet family at Longhorn Steakhouse to celebrate Bret's 32nd birthday, as well as his Grandma's 92nd birthday.

But first thing this morning, I took myself for a last minute haircut and brow waxing at a salon near our neighborhood. I've been meaning to call my friend Shawn, who usually does my hair (because we have a wedding to go to next weekend) but kept putting it off. Then this morning after a battle with my hairdryer, which resulted in the hairbrush being thrown across the bathroom in a fit of tantrum, I jumped in the car and went to the nearest place to get it chopped off. Lately, I've been throwing it back into a ponytail because it won't do anything but hang there all limp like and I just couldn't take one more ponytail day.

So wa-la... my new do. Not quite as good of a job as Shawn would do, but it'll get me by until I can call her to schedule an appointment to touch up my highlights. I will however, never let anyone but her come near me with wax again. I now only pretty much have half an eye brow left over each eye - I should have known better by how much time it took her to cut my hair. (One hour!)

Brooke and Ryan waiting for their food today at lunch.

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