Monday, August 06, 2007

Grand Bear Lodge - Day One

Our first day at Grand Bear was a great time. We got into Utica around 1pm and checked into our villa. The weather was comfortable in the high 70's and the rain held off until we were fast asleep that night.

Brooke and Ashley hang out on the couch as the adults unpack.

As soon as we had our stuff unpacked, we headed straight for the indoor waterpark.

Brooke and Ryan play in the fountains.

The water park.

The wave pool.

After swimming, we headed back to the villa for showers and to make dinner. After letting our dinner settle for (hopefully) long enough, we made our way to the indoor amusement park for some thrill rides.

Ashley and I outside of our villa.

We stopped for a quick picture of the kids at Bear Island.

And also another picture on the resort train.

Remember this big ol scary thing from last year? (The rock monster, not Bret.)

Ashley and Brooke hit the rides.

They finally let Mitchell and I join them.

Bret takes Ryan outside for a quick break to call Grandma to tell her how much fun he's having.

The kids are wiped out and the adults finally get some grown up time, if they can manage to stay awake.

To see the whole set of pictures from day one at Flickr, click here.

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