Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Grand Bear Lodge - Day Three

Our last day here at Grand Bear has arrived and I'm pleased to say that everyone is still talking to each other. It's always a good thing when family spends the weekend together and walks away still friends. It really has been a fun time and the kids have really enjoyed spending this time with their cousins.
Our villa.

The kids on the back balcony.

And posing on the stairs.

One last quick picture of Ashley before she goes upstairs to recheck that we haven't forgotten anything.

The kids say good-bye to Grand Bear until next year.

Us in the lobby of the main lodge.

Before leaving, we spent some time in the arcade.

And then headed over for a few last rides at the indoor amusement park.

Before heading back to Peoria, we stopped at little ice cream place for sandwiches for lunch.

They really do love each other. Really.


For the rest of day three's pictures, click here.

Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa for sending us again this year. Merry Christmas!

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