Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Grand Bear Lodge - Day Two

Sunday morning started off pretty sluggish. Neither Bret nor I got much sleep with Ryan tossing and turning and wacking us in the faces with his arms. Lucky Ashley got to sleep by herself in the pull out couch bed in our master bedroom. It stormed all night and was still raining when we got up this morning. The humidity and the heat were so bad that you couldn't see past the condensation on the windows. It pretty much rained on and off all day.
Once we were up and moving, we headed back over to the pool for some more swimming.
Ashley and Brooke pose while we wait for Bret to get our wrist bands for the day.

Ryan and Brooke lock Bret in the "jail". Really it was a cave that connects the wave pool to the regular pool.

Ashley loved the water slides again this year.

This slide was more Ryan and Brooke's pace (at least until they were persuaded to try the big slides).

The tree house playground offered tons of fun for all of the kids.

This may be my favorite picture out of all four hundred some that were taken. Ryan waits for me to put away the camera so I can take him over to try the big water slide.

I went down first so I could catch Ryan when he goes next.

A little trigger happy with the camera, but he did make it down and decided ten minutes later over a bribed snack that he did indeed like it afterall.

Brooke and Ryan look for a place to sit.

Once we were thoroughly water logged, we went back to the villa to eat lunch. On the walk back it started raining and we we looked like we had just stepped right out of the pool. After eating, Bret stayed back at the villa while Mitchell napped and Ryan played. The rest of us walked over for more thrills at the amusement park again.

Ashley and Brooke in front of the Rock Monster.

After this experience, I've decided that Ashley's not getting her driver's lisence until she's 25!

She's definately not afraid of anything that whips you around in the air!

Still spinning from the rides we went back to get ready for dinner.

Mitchell and Bret chill out on the sofa.

Hey, it's not our furniture. Why not let them eat in the living room?

After dinner, the plan was to let the kids play at the park while the guys played minature golf with Ashley, but the humidity was still so thick that even taking pictures outdoors was nearly impossible because the lens kept fogging up and everything hadn't dried off yet. There was still thunder booming in the distance, so we put the kids' swim suits back on and let them play for a bit at the still wet park. The loved it.

The kids posing in front of a bear on the walk over to the park.

The kids really didn't care too much that everything was all wet. However, parden the foggy lens.

The rain was starting to move back in, so we quickly made our way to the water park for another swim. You'd think we would be sick of swimming at this point, but it was really just the opposite. The water park was a lot of fun. They even turn off the lights in the water slides at night, making the ride down that much more fun. We weren't loving the five story climb to the top of the stairs each time we wanted to go down though.

Ashley smiles pretty, but Ryan is tired of pictures by now.

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