Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dear Gold's Gym,

Do you really think it's fair to change your policies regarding your child care services ten months after telling me that I can bring Chloe there with me? When I have written authorization from her mother, who is also a member? I realize that by telling members that they can no longer bring children who are not their own, you believe this will solve your over crowding issue, but do you honestly think that is fair? I've been a member there for two years and was completely shocked when you threw this piece of garbage news at me this morning. I've been honest about this situation from the start and all you are doing is encouraging people to lie to you.

So, let me see if I've got this right. Instead of bringing just ONE child in the morning, you would rather me bring my TWO children in the evening when it is just as crowded? What the heck are you smoking?

Ungratefully yours,


*By the way, my two page letter with my detailed opinion on this matter will be on it's way to your owner soon. Failing to resolve this amicably will result in another detailed letter to your corporate office, filling them in on how you treat your members and all of the DCFS regulations you are so obviously ignoring.

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Vicki said...

You go girl! I'm glad you aren't just taking this sitting down. How can they prove the child isn't yours anyway? What do they want...DNA in order to babysit?