Saturday, December 02, 2006

Winter Wonderland And Frozen Behinds

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Once again we braved the elements and headed outside again. Thank goodness for snow pants - my own included. Bret has shoveled a section wide enough for the van to squeeze out of to the street, so if we do have to go anywhere we can now attempt it. Doesn't mean we won't get stuck, though.

A plow came through once today and scooped out the middle of the main street here in the neighborhood, but not any of the cu-de-sacs or the other main road that branches off of our street. Our driveway is now host to a neighbor's car that lives on above said street who just wanted to get home after being stranded in a different neighborhood since Thursday night.
The plow didn't come anywhere near any of our driveways. I'm not quite sure where they're going to put any of this snow anyway. I wonder when we'll get mail again.

Ashley's ready to head out again.

But first Ryan tackles her.

A friend who lives at the front of the neighborhood invited a bunch of the neighborhood kids down to her backyard to sled where she has a huge hill that goes down to the creek.

Watch out, Ash! She got nailed quite a few times herself.

Ryan and his buddy Jacob had a blast going down together.

It was quite a trek back up the hill, though.

Tanner decided he wasn't sitting his cute little behind down on the snow so he used Ashley's leg.

We are now home trying to thaw out our own bottoms with the fireplace.

I'll be putting all of these pictures and more over on Flickr.

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