Sunday, December 03, 2006

Enough With The Snow Already

According to the news, Peoria schools are closed tomorrow as well as a bunch of other schools. Doesn't look good for our Dunlap schools (or my clean house). Looks like the kids may be home another day. The plow has returned today, but they refuse to dig us out any more than they have. They say we're not on their list (which is so not true because while we do have an Edwards mailing address, we are still considered the city of Peoria) and that they're doing us a favor by doing as much as they have. Really makes you want to pay your taxes, doesn't it?

Ryan was busy this afternoon helping Bret dig out more of the driveway. In the right side of this picture you can see just how much snow is blocking our driveway.

Such a daunting task. Maybe that's why Bret handed over the shovel so quickly.

Obviously it was too much for Ryan to handle. He didn't stay upright for long.

Ashley spent the afternoon running around the neighborhood with some of her friends. She's praying that the Dunlap schools will be closed tomorrow. She must really be wanting to see how thin my patience has really become. (You know I'm kidding, Ash. I would love to spend another day watching you and your brother grow even more tired of each other.)

Is everyone tired of hearing about snow yet?

Pray for school openings!!! Ha!!!

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