Friday, December 01, 2006

Digging Out From All Of This Snow

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This afternoon while Bret and a bunch of the neighbors were outside shoveling us all out from under all this snow, Ashley and I made cookies. Ryan was forced to take a nap (which he hasn't done in forever) because he was so wiped out.

The driveway is now clear, but the street is still impassable. It could be days before we're plowed out. Anyone who has tried to get out has gotten stuck in the middle of the road - if they even make it out of their driveway. What upsets me is that a guy down the street has a plow on his truck and all he did was plow a narrow path through the neighborhood straight to his own driveway. At least we can walk through part of the neighborhood in the middle of the street instead of climbing through the knee high snow to get to a neighbor's house. Bret and Scott also made a path through the backyard (by dragging a snow blower) for the kids to run back and forth on to get to each other's houses.

Note the car across the street that didn't make it out of the driveway. They are now on a waiting list for a tow truck.

Not sure how long I can hold the kids off from climbing all over these piles of snow. (Climbing on them would require a bunch of reshoveling.) If you stand next to them, some of them are almost as tall as us. The final count of snowfall, according to the news is 12.5 inches. It looks like even more than that when you're standing out there.

Hopefully we'll get plowed out soon. We're starting to get restless.

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