Saturday, December 02, 2006

Still Burried Under Snow

We woke up this morning to see that we hadn't been plowed out yet. Someone plowed a narrow strip down our main road (which we live on), but there's still the other half of the road to dig out if we want to attempt to go anywhere. . . which we won't be attempting anytime soon because the guy down the street did just that and he's now stuck in the middle of the plowed part of the street. Will someone PLEASE come dig us out? I'm really starting to feel cooped up in here.


Teri said...

Ok, it would be nice if they plowed us out!! My boss even said that he would be come and pick me up. LOL, can you see me walking in knee deep snow out to your street, in my work clothes!! ??? I'll let you know what is going to happen.

Anonymous said...

To say nothing of Mcdonalds going out of business since people can't get there for breakfast!