Sunday, December 03, 2006

MIA Plow Trucks

As of midnight last night the city snow plows were suppose to be plowing residential areas curb to curb. They sure haven't made it out here yet. I think Peoria was not ready for this snow storm in a very big way. We heard that Peoria has 28 plows and as of yesterday, 20 of them were in ditches and 2 were broken down. That leaves only 6 plows for a very large city.

Bret did manage to get out this morning and he's now over at his parent's house shoveling them out. Tomorrow morning may be one big headache if they don't get these streets plowed. As of now, there is no way a school bus is going to be able to get through here without getting stuck and the mail man won't be able to find any of our mailboxes.

While I have loved every minute of my family being home since Friday, it is definately time for them to go back to work and school so we can get some normalcy back. The kids are starting to get on each other's nerves and my house really needs to be cleaned, which I will be doing all day today. Sorry kids, you'll have to wait for your dad to get home before you can go out and play today.

Will someone please come and plow us out?!

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