Friday, December 01, 2006

Snow Day

The kids finally convinced us to let them loose outside in the snow.

Ryan headed straight to the big snow pile on the deck.

Making our way to the cul-de-sac to join every other insane parent with kids out there.

One of Ryans many falls in the snow. It was up to his waist in parts.

Ashley's had enough, I think.

Mr. Nice guy helps shovel the neighbor's driveway when our own has snow drifted half way to the roof! Okay, maybe not that high, but pretty close.

This isn't so much fun anymore. I think half of the snow from outside is in my living room now.

Guess it's about time to go dig ourselves out.


skeeling6 said...

FYI Lynda:

Snow is okay, freezing rain & sleet are not acceptable. Please be specific in what you ask for okay!

Grammy said...

Yeah, you asked for snow and got it. We got only 3 inches of slushy stuff. Too bad Skeeling6 had to go to work today, lol. I had the day off :)

Hope you get plowed out soon!