Saturday, November 10, 2007

Weekend Update

With the Christmas season getting close, I did a little furniture rearranging to make room for the Christmas tree in our family room. This meant moving our oversized chair into our bedroom, which meant moving Daisy's bed to a different spot. I'm guessing she's not too happy about it since she decided to bunk with Ashley.

Ashley finally got to change her earings, but it took us an hour to get the original stud back into the hole last night, so I think it may be awhile before we try again. She's pretty bummed.

I am officially old and do not understand the new style of dressing that is going through the Middle School. Can someone please explain to me why girls are wearing a t-shirt, knotted in the back, over a cami? Maybe if I try out this look myself, Ashley and her friends will be horrified and it'll end the craze so they can move onto something else?

Last night we watched Brooke & Mitchell for awhile. The kids were excited to see them. Mitchell is following in Ryan's footsteps and discovering the world of Star Wars.

Our niece and nephew seem to like us a whole lot more when their parents aren't around. Maybe it has something to do with the bowl of candy sitting between Brooke and Ryan? At 8pm at night? He He.

This morning, Bret took Ryan to his Cub Scout field trip to the Greater Peoria Regional Airport to tour one of the Caterpillar Company Jets.

Ryan got a turn to sit in the cockpit.

Sitting in comfort.

The whole Den thanking the pilot for showing them his plane.

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