Saturday, November 24, 2007

Chicago Time Again

Aah, the annual "it's my birthday weekend, let's go downtown Chicago, see some Christmas trees, have lunch and shop!" The weather wasn't too bad today and the crowds weren't nearly as horrible as they were when we went on the Friday after Thanksgiving last year. The kids (ok and me, too) really enjoyed our annual trip on the train to downtown Chicago.
Ryan and the birthday girl.

While on the look out for a place to eat lunch, we came across this officer and his horse, Mahoney. Ryan was enthralled and the officer was great with all the kids that wanted to stop and pet his horse.

The kids and Grammy in front of the tree outside of the Daley Center Plaza.

Bret and I with the kids.

On our way over to Macy's to see the big Christmas tree, we made a pit stop in Old Navy and found some good deals for Ashley for Christmas. You're officially not a kid anymore when you know what you're getting for Christmas.

Ashley & Ryan in front of the Macy's tree.

All I Want For Christmas is... over priced couch for $3000

...and the ugliest couch I've ever seen for $8000.

On our way back down from seeing the tree and getting sticker shock in the Macy's furniture department, we browsed through FAO Schwartz.

Well, we browsed...

($27,000 for a true to life Batman made from Lego's. My kids were instructed not to touch or their college educations would be in jeopardy!)

...but Ryan thought he was really there to shop and wasn't very happy when he was pulled out of the toy departement.

One more picture before hopping back on the train so we can make it to my Grandma's for my birthday dinner later.

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