Saturday, November 10, 2007

Springfield Trip - New State Capital Building

This morning when we woke up we had forgotten all about the time change. So instead of it being 6:30am when we rolled out of bed to get ready to find some breakfast, it was actually 5:30am. Ouch.

She'll probably kill me for posting this picture, but I couldn't resist.

After eating breakfast, we drove over to the Capital Building to find that we were an hour early for the next tour, so we killed some time taking pictures.

This may be my favorite picture from the whole weekend, even if he didn't want to pose for it.

Once we had successfully frozen our behinds off outside, we went into the capital building to wait for the next tour. To keep Ryan from getting too bored, we let him take pictures - many that had to be deleted. This is just a couple of them.

Most of our pictures from inside the building didn't turn out because we didn't realize that the flash was turned off. Here are the kids in front of the Governor's office.

A quick pic before heading back to the car.

I'm not done yet so check back for Lincoln's Tomb and New Salem Village. I will get these done today if it kills me so that I can move on...

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