Saturday, November 10, 2007

Springfield Trip - Lincoln's Tomb

We got to Lincoln's tomb and were disappointed to learn they were still redoing the floor on the upper level (they had been doing this 2 years ago when Bret brought Ashley) and that we wouldn't be able to go up there.
The kids rub Lincoln's nose for luck.

Inside the entrance of the tomb.

I had been here back in 8th grade, but didn't remember this part of the tomb. When we walked in here, it felt very strange to me - like we were intruding and didn't belong here - especially taking pictures. Obviously that didn't stop us, though.

After leaving the tomb, we got lost for awhile trying to find the War Memorials. The cemetary is very large.

The kids in front of the Illinois Vietnam Veteran's Memorial.

The World War II Memorial.

And what is it with Ryan always having to go when there is NO bathroom around?!

The Korean War Memorial.

One more post to go - New Salem Village.

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