Saturday, November 10, 2007

Springfield Trip - Lincoln Museum & Our Hotel

After eating lunch and visiting the Old State Capital building, we walked up a few blocks to the new Lincoln Museum. It was very impressive. I've never seen something so true to life before. We weren't allowed to take pictures of the really good stuff due to copyright laws, but trust me - they were amazing. In the Early Years exhibit, there was a replica of a general tearing slave parents away from their child. In the White House Years, there was a room set up as their child's bedroom. Inside the room, Mary Todd Lincoln was sitting on her son's bedside the night he passed away while Lincoln himself was standing in the doorway. Another room was set up as the White House after Lincoln's assassination when his coffin was lying in state before it's journey back to Springfield. It truly felt like we were there. I highly recommend visiting this museum!
The kids hanging out with the Lincoln's.

The entrance to the White House Year's exhibit.

The entrance to the Early Years exhibit. You enter through the cabin where Lincoln grew up in as a boy. You see him reading by the fire while one of his parent's are lying in bed.

Me, taking a break while Ryan plays in Mary Todd's Attic.

Ryan playing with a true to life replica of Lincoln's home.

One of Ryan's favorite part of the Museum - the soldiers in front of the White House.

For the life of me, I can't remember who this was behind Ashley.

The kids outside of the Museum before heading to our hotel.

Our hotel. I've never slept in a more comfortable hotel bed before in my life. The pool was a lot of fun, too.

Ryan reenacting the Civil War with his souvenir toy from the Museum.

Still at it the next morning before check out.

Up next - the new State Capital Building and Lincoln's Tomb.

Am I boring you yet?

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