Thursday, April 05, 2007

Update on the mixing of medicine and alcohol

This is Kelly, Cece's mommy, not Lynda. So, at about 5 pm, my husband and I decided to see if any neighbors wanted to come over to have a few adult beverages. The W********'s were out because a new Lego Star Wars video game was at their house. However, Scott called them over... all attended initally but Lynda. However, Bret called her a few hours later and Lynda, in a medicine "coma" showed up. From about 8:30 pm to 11:00 pm, Auntie Lynda, as we call her, had ONLY 3 drinks. In this time, she went from the normal, jovial Lynda to a woman who was laughing hysterically as she twirled back and forth on a bar stool! I love this lady... because she just shared a beer with me... I praised her long before this little glass of beer appeared before me though! For those who have never watched others' children... Lynda, as I am sure Chloe's mommy would agree, is an amazing woman who truly makes working moms feel blessed for the opportunity to ""have it all!" How one woman can be the matriach of a family of 4 and still find time to be the caretaker of 2 young infants is well beyond my scope of imagination. Thanks for all who read about my little treasure... and thanks to you, Lynda! You always make going to work a pleasure instead of a guilt trip!


lynda w said...

Oh, Kelly. You know I love you guys dearly! Thanks for all the nice words and I'm so glad that you have decided to wait another year and a half to move. I love those babies almost as much as if they were my own and it'll tear my heart out to lose them.

Emily dragged me out of bed this morning and talked me into going to Body Step. Big mistake. I ended up leaving half way through the class since I could barely pull myself up onto the bench by that point. Now I'm off to climb back into bed.

lynda w said...

And she still trusts me with her baby girl, even after the post below. LoL