Thursday, April 05, 2007

Disney World Links

Here are the links for all that requested them:

Pop Century Disney Resort

This one has a virtual tour.

Resort Map. 3 Pools!!!!

I've also just read in a new guide book that I picked up that once you check your luggage at your home airport, you don't have to deal with it again. Disney delivers them right to your room. Then when you check out of your hotel, they check your bags right there and print your boarding pass, all before you even leave for the airport. Sweet!

My brother is in Tampa, FL right now visiting a friend and my aunt. He's already emailed pictures of the ocean. An ocean that I'm not going to get to see! Maybe my aunt will drive to Orlando to get me and take me to see the ocean. Sigh, like we're really going to have time for that.


David said...

Your not missing to much with the ocean.... Damn salt water! but as for the 85 degree weather.... yea lol.... I took a 2 day trip down to sarasota too and visited Siesta Key beach ranked 3rd in the world and now i see why! beautiful!

lynda w said...

And here we are all back here in 30/40 degree weather when it's suppose to be spring. Brat!