Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Bravest Little Boy Ever

What a day it's been! Bret and I had to go separate ways with a kid each this morning. I took Ashley to volleyball while he took Ryan to swim lessons. When entering the locker room this morning, the door slammed into Ryan's big toe, causing the nail to fall most of the way off and blood to come pouring out from his toe. I met Bret at the emergency room where Ryan made us so proud, being such a brave kid. They had to numb his toe, which made him scream loud enough for most of the hospital to hear, so they could clean it and drill a hole through it, in hopes of saving the nail.
Now, don't judge me for taking pictures in an emergency room, but I happened to already have the camera in my purse from having been at volleyball, so I thought, why not?

Ryan got his own personal TV, which helped him take his mind off of the pain. The staff in the ER were so great to him. They explained everything in advance directly to him to ease his fear. The doctor was amazing with him - just the kind of person you want helping your child in the event of an emergency. In fact, I think she was the same ER doctor that treated Ryan when he was a baby and cut his finger on a formula can.

Bret got to play with the TV, too.

Over in the xray department we learned that his toe was not broken. Thank God for some things!

Guess what came in the mail today with perfect timing? His new GameBoy and Star Wars games. Could that not have worked out any better? He was so excited about it that he hasn't once complained about his toe.

Hopefully nothing else happens before we go to Disney in June - remember that vacation curse? Poor kid was sick last week with another throat infection and now this. Looks like he's going to be getting his tonsils out this summer, too. Does it ever end?
Update: Ryan says he's going to punch that locker room door the next time he goes to swim lessons. Take that, you terrible door!

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Vicki said...

Ryan, I hope your toe is feeling better today! I hear you were a brave little boy at the Emergency Room. Have fun with your new toy!
Love, Grammy