Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Anyone Else Need A Travel Agent?

While signing us and Teri's family up for the Magic Express transportation and luggage service for our upcoming trip to Disney World in June, I came across a huge mistake. Some how I accidentally booked them on a flight leaving Bloomington at 6am in the morning, instead of the 11:27am flight that I had booked for our family. Oops. I swear that's not the flight I selected when I booked their trip for them, but that's what it says they've got now.

Turns out they prefer their earlier time (at least that's what they're telling me...ha ha) since they are now arriving in Orlando at 10:55am instead of 4:26pm like us. They'll be able to stay with a friend of theirs that lives in Bloomington the night before and will now have a more full day of going to the theme parks, but will probably already be passed out by the time our flight arrives. I'm sure they're looking forward to getting up at 4am in the morning to catch their flight, too. It would definately have been more fun to fly in with them, but we'll still meet up when we get there - fully rested. Ha.

I did try to call Orbitz to change our flight to the same one as theirs (even though that would have meant that we'd have to get up at 3am to get to Bloomington in time) but they wanted to charge me all kinds of fees to do it, so I left it alone. We'll still have a great time - I just wish it would get here sooner!

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Teri said...

I'm thinking that I need another trip planned.. Can you work on it for me?? Your blog made me laugh...