Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Do You Dare To Outbid Me?

I never thought my kids would need or be interested in video games. Boy, was I wrong. This year Ashley discovered the iPod and the Nintendo DS, which means Ryan has now discovered it, too - and wants his own. Sigh.

We've been looking into the whole handheld video game thing for Ryan and have decided on the Gameboy Advance since it's a bit more simple than the DS. He did pretty well with it when we had borrowed Skyler's.

So, today I found an awesome deal on Ebay. It was for the cobalt blue Gameboy Advance, carrying case, home and car chargers and 4 games for what you would pay for 2 brand new games. I probably would have kept on looking, except that two of the games were Star Wars I and Star Wars II. Duh! (We all know how addicted Bret and Ryan have been to the Star Wars games on the PlayStation downstairs.) I spent 4 hours keeping tabs on the bidding until it ended late this afternoon. I watched and then swooped it up in the last minute of bidding out from under everyone's noses.

Oh, you didn't think we were going to wait for his birthday in August, did you? Nope, we're going to give it to him before we go to Disney World so that we'll have a peaceful flight there and back. Little man is going to freak out when he sees it - but not as much as he will when he sees this and this - the two things he's most excited about this Disney World vacation for.


Tequila Red said...

My daughter has a DS and we bought her the Nintendogs game ... have you seen it? OMG it's the cutest thing ever, she loves it like crack. And in some bizarro way, I think taking care of these little pretend dogs is actually helping her be more responsible.

Oh yes, I can twist anything into an affirmation of my parenting skillz.

lynda w said...

That was one of the first games we bought her and now she's begging for a puppy - as if I could handle another dog added to the one we already have, plus 4 kids over the course of each day.

We also figured it was time to break him free of playing his sister's pink DS in public.

And you know what? I've decided that video games are definately educational. It teaches them logical thinking, hand and eye coordination and patience. At least we hope patience is going to be in our cards. So, that makes us great parents!